Old World Coffee Lab Theory is...Roasting

We are officially coffee roasters!

Old World Coffee Lab has taken the plunge into the deep end of roasting coffee ourselves locally, here in Reno, Nevada. If you couldn’t tell – we are very excited about this new endeavor!

To bring in-house select coffees and roasting it ourselves grants us the ability to maintain quality of all our coffee beverages being served at our coffee shop to our lovely customers. It allows us to be one step closer to the actual source of coffee.

The Logistics

We start by receiving unroasted (green coffee beans) samples from different importers, sample roast those beans to determine quality of the coffee and if it’s a coffee that will fit into our overall coffee program. Once a coffee has been selected it is shipped from port of entry (usually the port of San Francisco).

Then when it arrives at our warehouse roastery location we sample roast it again, to double check that quality and start determining how we will roast it on the production roaster. Once a profile has been established we can roast large batches of that coffee on the production machine. ­

The Process

Now being a part of the coffee roasting process, we can better control where our coffee comes from, how it arrives in our coffee shop, while also bringing in uniquely choice offerings. Such as our Ethiopia Gedeb, which is a very special coffee to me.

This coffee comes from a single farm within Ethiopia, which is rare and hard to get to. Ethiopian coffee has traditionally been managed by the Ethiopian Government, who blends all the coffee from a region to provide zero traceability back to a coffee farm source. From our perspective, it’s a bit melancholy when we can’t pinpoint the true source of our coffee nor give credit where credit is due for great coffee.

We have built out an entire roasting and processing facility strategically here in Reno. This extension of our business was designed in to allow us to produce a large volume of coffee roasting options, yet still focus on the quality of the coffee. What’s the machine that we use to roast? We purchased a Probat roaster, a fancy schmancy top-of-line roaster.

Quality Control

To make sure each batch is consistent and meets our standards of quality, a small sample is pulled, and we cup a sample from each production batch. This helps us make sure that we are always producing the best quality coffee.

The Coffee

One of our coffees is the Ethiopia Gedeb. It’s produced by Bedhatu Jibicho and processed as a separate micro-lot at the Banko Gotiti Cooperative where Bedhatu is a member. The Banko Gotiti cooperative is located in the southern district of Gedeb, Ethiopia. The cooperative was established in 2013 and Bedhatu’s farm was selected as a model to help everyone in the cooperative improve their harvesting methods.

Bedhatu was born and raised in Worka. She started working in coffee in the 1960s when the government gave land to her husband. Bedhatu’s takes great pride in the fact that she has managed the farm operations for over 50 years, even before her husband passed away in 1991. As Bedhatu is now over 80 years old, her adult children have started to become more involved in continuing her rich tradition of coffee production. The family plans to use the premiums from coffee sales to expand production and start an export company.

The Party

We are going to be hosting a Grand Opening Party on December the third. We will be having a public cupping, party, and latte art throwdown. Check out our Facebook event for more detail.

With Tryer in Hand,

Your Friends at Old World Coffee Lab

Old World Coffee Lab Theory is...Coffee as an Ingredient

We’re wishful thinkers here at Old World Coffee Labs. We also have a sincere respect for coffee as a key ingredient. Especially knowing that doing so can open a whole new world of flavors that we have never tasted before.

Our wishes? To see the natural characteristics and flavor possibilities be explored to their fullest. Similar to the craft cocktail drink culture, our aim is to bring forth nuanced and highlighted uniqueness by using coffee as an ingredient.

We do talk about coffee as an ingredient, but we aren’t saying that it’s the only way to drink coffee. We still love the simplicity of the classics: pour over coffee or shot of espresso. But there is something alluring about diving deeper into coffee, learning and experimenting to discover new ways to entice your taste buds with each cup served.

We’ve made some grand discoveries already -- keeping with the respect of coffee as an ingredient -- pairing complementary flavors such as rosemary, lavender, maple, anise, or even rose water.

We’re able to experiment to our heart’s content and expand the possibilities of our beverage offerings. This allows us to continually and freely challenge what we think will taste great, and make flavor pairings that equally excite the senses.

With Ingredients in Hand. Your friends at Old World Coffee Lab

Old World Coffee Lab Theory is...Art

Art (Noun): The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination...producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

“Taste and flavor profiles are relatively subjective and specific to each individual’s taste buds, which means -- in some shape or form -- we can all have appreciation for different aspects of coffee, regardless of your experience with quality coffee.”

As farmers, roasters, baristas we in the coffee industry have an ability to place our own artistry, attribute, expression, and creativity shown in each carefully prepared, wholly loved cup of coffee.

No two cups of coffee will ever be the same, which for those of us who want to see consistent repeatable results can be mildly frustrating. Yet, if we come to accept this fact, we can move forward and pay more attention to the unique experience for every single one of our customers.

Once we have established that standard of excellence, that says coffee should be consistently excellent and of the utmost quality, we can infuse our own creativity to each cup we hand out.

There is something powerful about being able to place your own creativity into your passions to share with others. Creating a work of art that not only can be admired for its beauty, but felt with each cup, have an alluring aroma, and memorable taste.

An overwhelming art piece that touches each of your four senses. Can you tell we’re passionate about coffee?

As a company we encourage everyone involved with producing your favorite coffee drink to put their own artisan flare on it. In order to create a truly unique and shared experience with you our beloved customer.

With coffee in hand, Your local coffee artists at Old World Coffee Labs.

Old World Coffee Lab Theory Is...Science

You may be thinking “Really, the science of coffee?” It’s just a normal, every day, caffeinated beverage, right?

Well, you may be surprised to learn coffee is one most complex edibles we can drink or eat. It is estimated that there are around 1500 (good) chemical compounds that form your coffee.

This means coffee in terms of varietal, unique flavor profiles is actually far more complex than even wine, which is estimated around 800 chemical compounds.

The complexity of coffee is something to get excited about, but also something we as a coffee company have great respect for.

Excitement flows from the fact they’re are so many nuances and subelties of flavors in each individual coffee bean strain and caffeinated beverage we create.

Yet, we have to have a great deal of respect because coffee can be so complex in flavor profiles and chemistry then, naturally, it must be relatively complex to prepare well.

All in all, it means,

“We’re devoted to studying coffee at its foundation and intimately understanding everything that goes into our product.”

As a coffee lab, we provide extensive on-boarding (and ongoing) training to each of our staff in all things coffee. You will regularly hear us discussing things like: origin, varietal, processing method, the elevation coffee is grown, roast development, and the extraction percentage of espresso.

Essentially, we really nerd out on coffee.

We like to challenge convention. We encourage each of our staff to experiment and break the rules. We are constantly tasting, testing, re-tasting, and refining our process -- so that we can give each and every customer the best possible coffee experience.

Treating coffee as a science and extensively training our staff allows us to create a standard excellence around the quality of coffee we are serving, as well as a methodology for consistency and repeatability.

We’ve barely scratched the surface of the complexities and depths coffee can have. And we’re increasingly excited about what’s to come in the near future for us and, more importantly, YOU as our passionate coffee-loving friends.

With a coffee in hand,Your coffee experts at Old World Coffee Lab

Old World Coffee Theory

Theory: (Noun)A set of principles on which the practice of an activity is based. Here at Old World Coffee Lab, we believe in a single theory.

Our aim is to constantly evolve and elevate what the coffee experience can be. How do we do this? Our approach is guided by three key principles. These are Science, Art, and the respect of Coffee.

Key principles:

  • The Science of Coffee
  • Artistic Expression of Coffee
  • Respect of Coffee As An Ingredient

We still stand behind our pillars: passionate about coffee, a show of hospitality, dissemination of coffee education, and others, but this article is to share our renewed focus to the craft of coffee as a product and how we incorporate our key principles to deliver a holistic specialty coffee experience.

We adhere to a standard of excellence with a dash of artistic flair for the products we serve. We pay homage to the origins of coffee by developing the unique flavor profiles, dialing in and allowing for each strain of coffee bean to be its truest self.

“Treating coffee with respect as the main ingredient to much of what we do.”

We’re thinking outside the box, shifting our mindset to a bottom-up approach, and it starts with the coffee. We’re hooked on the feeling to pursue a never-settle-for-good-enough mentality.

This experience will challenge what each of us has come to accept coffee to be, it should inform us of the of great amount of work -- from the producer, farmer, exporter, importer, roaster, and finally to the barista -- that went into bringing us this coffee.

Over the next few days, we will be releasing a series of videos and accompanying blog posts that further explain our theory of coffee and the reasoning we’re adding the word “Lab” to our name.

With coffee in hand,

The fine folk of Old World Coffee Lab