Coffee Bar for Your Wedding

Old World Coffee Catering is thrilled to share a recent blog post from On The Go Bride.  We are excited for this fall season and look forward to drinking some coffee with you!


Author: On The Go Bride

As fall and winter start to set in all of us in wedding blog land turn our eyes towards fun trends. One trend we just love is hosting a coffee bar for your wedding! What could be better than serving up a custom coffee blend to your guests? If you are a big coffee fan, you can package up your custom blend as a great take-home gift for your wedding guests. The best part about a coffee bar are the many options you can serve.


Don’t forget to have decaf available for your non-caffeine guests. Or how about some delicious hot chocolate and tea for the non-coffee drinkers? Your guests will appreciate having a nice cup of gourmet coffee to go with their fabulous desert your serve them. We suggest to make your coffee bar more memorable to add little touches like sprinkles, chocolate shavings, chocolate dipped spoons, and cinnamon sticks. You can coordinate those extra details with your local barista.