PRE ORDER: Jeremy Zhang - 2017 USBrC Coffee

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PRE ORDER: Jeremy Zhang - 2017 USBrC Coffee

from 55.00

4oz Whole Bean Coffee

Notes: savory nose, tropical fruit, stone fruit, creamy body, lingering finish

Due to the rarity and expense of this coffee we will only be roasting it once we have sold all the preorders. This is to ensure that everyone gets their coffee while it is still fresh and lively.

You and one person of your choosing get the USBrC judges experience at our cafe in Reno. Chris Garrison will contact you and setup a time to brew the first cup or two of your coffee for you the same way he did for the judges. He'll give his full brewers cup presentation and answer any questions you may have. Oh and you get to take the rest of the coffee home. Win.

What makes this coffee so special?
The Jeremy Zhang comes to us from Ninety Plus Coffee's Magokoro Estate in Shakisso, Ethiopia where Ninety Plus has been cultivating single varietal lots of coffee trees they've found to have the best flavor. As far as we know, this is the first time a single varietal Ethiopian coffee has been available in the United States. On top of that it was processed using an experimental cold fermentation method. These two things together make it both an extremely rare and unique coffee to have the opportunity to try.

Owner and roaster Chris Garrison has chosen this coffee to bring to the 2017 US Brewers Cup. While we don't know yet if it will win, we do know it's a brilliant, unique, and delicious coffee and we want to share what little we have of it.

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