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OPEN DAILY - 7am to 6pm

104 California Avenue

Old World Coffee Lab is a specialty coffee shop in Reno, Nevada. We're constantly seeking to push the boundaries of what quality coffee means.
We believe quality coffee starts with the coffee itself. Quality coffee takes time, precision, and effort. So we always seek to use coffee that is grown, processed, and roasted with great care. We're constantly in pursuit of better techniques and methods to extract that perfect cup. 
This ensures the quality makes it all the way from the coffee producers hard work, to the cup you finally enjoy. Did we mention our specialty drinks? While we firmly believe coffee shouldn't need to be buried under pumps of anything; we also believe it can be complemented, highlighted, balanced, and just plain delicious when crafted with the right ingredients. Our specialty drinks are created in house and crafted with precision to do just those things. We're excited to explore all that coffee has to offer and we hope you'll enjoy exploring with us.